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Hannah stands determined inside the Parliament courtyard

1 year ago, it all started – My journey as an MEP

1,5 years ago, I gave my campaign speech to be nominated as candidate for the European Parliament. 365 days ago, I really made it - and became an MEP!
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Feminist perspectives on the Corona pandemic - my webinar

How has the Covid 19 pandemic affected women worldwide? A question that is rarely asked by the general public. So I spoke with three experts about their experiences:
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Feministische Außenpolitik – „Wir müssen die Muster von guten Strategien und langsamem Erfolg durchbrechen“.

The EU has developed many good plans and strategies for gender equality and women's rights in its foreign and security policy. But reality is lagging behind.
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Hannah Neumann in ihrem Büro in Brüssel

Securing supply chains in times of Corona - My interview with euronews

Global supply chains are a core part of our European economy. But in times of a pandemic they can make us vulnerable. On euronews I pointed out that we should consider what equipment, tools and industries should be located in Europe in the future.
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Ein männlicher Bundeswehrsoldat steht vor einer Drohne.

German debate on armed drones - My interview with euractiv

In Germany, a familiar debate is flaring up again: Should the Bundeswehr be allowed to use armed drones? In 2014, the European Parliament passed a resolution calling for human rights to be respected when drones are used. Not much has happened since then!
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Made in Europe, Bombed in Yemen Webinar

Made in Europe, bombed in Yemen – My Webinar

Are European defence companies aiding and abetting alleged war crimes committed by the Saudi Arabia-UAE military coalition in Yemen? This was one of the topics in my webinar with the European Center of Constitutional Human Rights (ECCHR).
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Despite Corona: The future of Europe will not wait!

On Europe Day the conference on the future of Europe would have begun. Because of Corona, this is no longer possible. Together with MEPs and other personalities from Berlin and Brandenburg I have therefore written an open letter to the German Federal Government.
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Hannah im leeren Europaparlament

The European Parliament is waking up! - The EP in times of Corona

The new corona normality has completely changed our parliamentary work. How exactly? I'll show you in my video!
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Boy in refugee camp with face mask

Hannahs Monthly: How Corona impacts globally, "Women, Peace and Security" & Climate Change Litigation

Corona is going to change the world. Towards more solidarity, or towards isolation and nation-state? I am convinced that this is a global crisis and that it needs global answers.
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Humanitarian aid for Libya: My interview with RND

Last week the EU foreign ministers held a video conference to discuss the catastrophic situation in the civil-war country Libya. Especially in times of the Corona crisis, increased humanitarian aid is needed for Libya and the refugees there.
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PeaceLab Logo

More women, more peace: opportunities and possibilities at EU level

In July, Germany will take over the Presidency of the EU Council - this offers a unique opportunity to promote the topic of "Women, Peace and Security" at EU level. The Federal Government should use this opportunity: I have listed some possibilities in my article for the...
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Women to the negotiation tables! My webinar on feminist foreign policy in the EU

Women to the negotiating tables! When women are involved, peace talks fail less often and peace treaties last longer. Women also play a decisive role in conflict prevention, peacekeeping and reconstruction.
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