Women & Peace

Experience shows that peace agreements stand the test of time when women are involved in key positions. In this area, the EU lags behind: women make up only a small proportion of the staff of EU missions abroad and EU delegations.

Our foreign policy also takes too little account of the important role played by women. I want to change that: in the Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) and the Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE), I am a strong advocate for the appointment of more women to leading positions and a European foreign policy which attaches the same importance to every individual.

“Women should sit at the negotiating tables -

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For a feminist foreign policy of the EU - My comment in the IP

Women are still in short supply in foreign and security policy, especially in management positions. In a commentary for the magazine "Internationale Politik" I wrote about the urgency of a feminist EU foreign policy.
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Study „A Feminist Foreign Policy for the EU“ – Read it now!

But where does the EU stand when it comes to gender equality in its Foreign and Security Policy? Where and how can it improve? Together with my colleague Ernest Urtasun, I commissioned a study with the Centre for Feminist Foreign policy on exactly this topic. The result: there is a lot of room for improvement, and:
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Women to the negotiating tables

Report for a feminist foreign policy clears important hurdle

Yesterday was the big day: The European Parliament's Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET Committee) adopted the draft opinion on the report "Gender Equality in the EU's Foreign and Security Policy".
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My report on feminist foreign policy is making waves in Brussels

Seit Ende letzten Jahres arbeiten mein Büro und ich an einem Bericht zur Geschlechtergleichheit in der europäischen Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik. Nach einem langen Prozess mit viel Recherchearbeit, Gesprächen mit Expert*innen und NGOs und politischen Abstimmungsprozessen gibt es nun einen Entwurf.
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AFET Rede Fem report

Feministische Außenpolitik – „Wir müssen die Muster von guten Strategien und langsamem Erfolg durchbrechen“.

The EU has developed many good plans and strategies for gender equality and women's rights in its foreign and security policy. But reality is lagging behind.
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More women, more peace: opportunities and possibilities at EU level

In July, Germany will take over the Presidency of the EU Council - this offers a unique opportunity to promote the topic of "Women, Peace and Security" at EU level. The Federal Government should use this opportunity: I have listed some possibilities in my article for the...
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Women to the negotiation tables! My webinar on feminist foreign policy in the EU

Women to the negotiating tables! When women are involved, peace talks fail less often and peace treaties last longer. Women also play a decisive role in conflict prevention, peacekeeping and reconstruction.
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Feminist foreign policy on FM 90.2

On our local radio station LOHRO I spoke with Tim Fischer about my work in the European Parliament and my ideas for a feminist foreign policy. The main question that came up was about what a more feminist foreign policy actually mean in practice.
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#FreeLujainNow! Today Saudi women's rights activist Lujain al-Hathloul goes on trial

She has fought for an end to male guardianship and courageously resisted the ban on driving for women: Saudi women's rights activist Lujain al-Hathloul. In March 2018 she was kidnapped in the United Arab Emirates and put in prison in Saudi Arabia, where she was also tortured.
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Women demanding feminist human rights during protest

Foreign policy must become more feminist! - Article on International Women's Day 2020

3.8 billion. This many women and girls there are in the world. And how many countries will achieve equality by 2030? Not one.
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Beim Women's Breakfast: Hannah Neumann im Austausch mit der US-Kongressabgeordneten Nancy Pelosi

The Munich Security Conference - we need "restlessness" on the issues of climate and feminism!

Every year, the Munich Security Conference (MSC) attracts the world' s leading diplomatic, military and political figures to the state capital. As an MEP I was there for the first time - and as a woman in the minority.
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Women to the negotiating tables

Launch of the report for a feminist EU foreign policy

The perspectives and needs of women and other political minorities are often excluded from foreign and security policy processes and international negotiating tables. This also applies to the EU's foreign policy. The institutional representation of women and other political minorities, especially in leadership and key positions, remains disproportionately low.
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